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Beauty meets Cutting-Edge Fascia Research. Learn How to Transform Your Face, Naturally.

A New Beauty Paradigm

New breakthrough research has shown that Fascia not only plays a big role in our health, but it's also crucially important for the beauty of your face.

That's what has enabled women from all over the world to transform their faces naturally - without needles, surgery or other procedures.


About Anastasia

Board Certified & Passionate about Face and Self-Care

Anastasia is a board certified Structural Integration Therapist with training in many additional modalities including kinesiology, facial muscle neuro rehabilitation, neurovascular release, myofascial releases, traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, etc.

She began exploring the area of natural beauty when she started seeing early signs of aging around age 25.

There was no clear path and she had to try many different things and go down many wrong roads before figuring out what really worked. You can find a “Journey” Video of her month-by-month transformation here.

For the last 5 years she flew across the globe to seek out the best mentors and seminars, including world-renowned Fascia expert Tom Myers.

Anastasia started to share her insights and learnings on social media because nobody else was talking about this important information.

It clearly resonated with people because her social media accounts are among the fastest-growing ones in the beauty sphere and beyond.

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A Message from Anastasia

If you're concerned about the beauty of your face, this message is for you.

“It's time” the dermatologist lady said, pointing at my forehead wrinkles.

I had to swallow. A thousand things swirled throughout my head.

What she meant is “It's time for botox”.

I really didn't want to do botox. Even though I hadn't studied all the negative side effects of botox yet, I knew that something that you have to do ever 3-4 months forever is not a great solution at all.

But the thing that I was really concerned about were my hooded eyes.

I couldn't even apply eyeliner anymore.

I was only 25 years old.

I was eating a perfect diet. I was exercising religiously. I lived a super healthy lifestyle.

Why did I see early signs of aging?

I had a lot of questions, and I needed to find answers, and solutions.

Botox and surgeries would still be there in case everything else would fail - but I had to figure this out.

So I went on this journey, seeking out the best mentors I could find.

Initially I went down many wrong roads and many things I tried didn't work at all.

But then I stumbled onto some things that did work, and it led me to fascia.

I knew I had to to learn more about it, so I started to go to all of Tom Myers' seminars and enrolled in his structural integration program.

It wasn't about face, but I was able to apply some of this knowledge to the face, and combine it with many other modalities that I had studied extensively during the last 5 years.

I discovered some amazing things and wanted to share them with others, so I opened a social media account and started posting here and there.

I was shocked when I saw “beauty professionals” pushing preventative botox onto 17-year old girls, and the general brainwashing that the beauty industry had been doing.

Turns out that these days natural, free beauty solutions are highly controversial 😅

I'm sharing with you the information I wish I had known 10 years ago.

It's my mission in life to help women reclaim their independence of the beauty industry, and take back their power.

You've come to the right place 🙂

- Anastasia

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30-Day Face Transformation Program

For many, many months Anastasia's followers had begged her to create a program.

So in early 2023 she launched her GLOW program.

It has been a tremendous success with results that speak for themselves.

It's very different from a “normal course” because it's designed to create maximum results in minimum time, with lots of support.

It's more like an event, that's why most of the time enrollment is closed.

You can get on the waitlist here:

glow-img Before & After

Here are a few Day Before & After Pictures of GLOW Members. For more Transformations check out the Highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried other massages/Face Yoga/facial workouts/etc - is this similar?

Can I do this even if I did Botox in the past?

Which age group will this work for?

Why is enrollment closed?

How can I get on the waitlist?